How to find cheap plane tickets

cheap plane tickets

1. Internet is king for finding a flight

Is it still necessary to recall it? Commission costs will of course be lower on the internet than with a physical agency. On the other hand, it is certain that you will not have the personalized advice of an agency.

2. Flight comparators: essential!

This is the most effective way to find your flight at a good price. There are several on the market like Kayak or Skys canner. For example, Kayak compares the price on thousands of routes and hundreds of airlines. In addition, these flight comparators offer interesting options such as choosing a flight with or without a stopover, a map to see the destinations according to their price…

In addition, looking for the best price depending on the day is easier. The search tool is generally very user-friendly. For medium and long haul, they are really efficient. On the other hand, they often do not take low cost companies into account. Except for Sky scanner.

For the latter, in Europe, you can use the Bravofly site. This one is indeed specialized on low cost flights. What to find a cheap plane ticket ! And which even offers flights from Paris!

It is best to do your research on both Kayak and Sky canner. And then look at the best result. I also recently use Ulysse, a new comparator, French. The advantage? No hidden costs on the prices displayed, a super simple and sober interface and a real customer service behind, in case of problem. It’s rareā€¦ Test here to find a plane ticket.

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