6 basic techniques to find a cheap plane ticket.

cheap plane ticket

Some of these techniques are probably familiar to you: that’s normal. They can be found on virtually all good travel blogs . I could not not put them in this article, under penalty of seriously failing in my duties. On the other hand, you will discover in the following part all the new advice that you will rarely find on the internet, and which are the fruit of my 5 years of intensive travel around the world  In short, let’s attack first with the basic advice, below.

This is the absolute golden rule to pay less for your plane ticket.

Between a flight that leaves on Monday and another on Tuesday, the price can sometimes vary from simple to fivefold (it will often be more expensive around weekends).

It’s not necessarily easy to be flexible when you have days off imposed by a boss, I agree. If you have two weeks, you want to make the most of every day, and therefore leave as soon as possible, without having to say to yourself “  I’m waiting another 4 days before taking off to pay less for my flight ”. We agree, it’s a bit silly.

But if you are lucky enough to have an understanding boss, who is flexible on your vacation dates, or if you are self-employed, retired, unemployed, pensioner or what not, you are free to leave whenever you want. seems. And that’s where you have a great card to play: you can be extremely flexible on the dates of your flights and sicken all your loved ones by paying for any trip for a pittance.

You wanted my secret to paying for my plane tickets so cheap? It’s just this one. And by coupling it to the next, I have the ultimate combo .

Use a flight comparator

In the same vein as in the previous point, it is absolutely necessary to check the price variations between the different airlines.

So, you’re not going to type in the dozens of existing companies, and check the prices on each day that might interest you. Use a flight comparator to save time . There are a hell of a lot of them, and sincerely, today, all are about the same. It’s up to you to find the one that best suits you according to your personal criteria (design, additional features, handling, etc.). For example, you can use the EasyVoyage one found here, but it is obviously not the only one.

In short, a flight comparator will save you a lot of time and above all will save you sometimes astronomical sums.

If you’re too lazy to read the rest of this article, you can stop there with these two tips : they’ll already give you phenomenal results, and you’ll now be paying far less for your plane tickets than most travelers. If you are looking for other good deals (or simply if you like to read me, hehe), there are still 10 good tips below to pay for your tickets cheaper than the others.

Never go through an agency to buy your tickets

Well, Roadcalls is a blog for backpackers, “backpack  travelers ”, who go a little hard. As I do, what. So I guess going through an agency didn’t cross your mind, but you never know. So I’ll say it again here, just in case: if you want to avoid being bludgeoned, don’t go through an agency . They take commissions on the price of tickets (it makes sense, they have to live). And of course, it’s you who wins.

With the internet, it has become extremely easy to buy a plane ticket without having to go through an agency. Go through the internet and without intermediary, you will have the best prices .

Fly at somewhat difficult times

Flights departing at night or early in the morning are often cheaper than those departing in the middle of the day . This isn’t always true, but it’s something I’ve noticed quite regularly on low-cost airlines in particular.

If you’re not afraid of getting up early or even having to spend the night at the airport to catch a plane at dawn, then you can find some very good deals.

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