How to prepare for a long trip?

prepare for a long trip

Preparing for a long trip That’s it, you’ve finally decided to go on the trip of your life. A great adventure lasting several months during which you may cross several countries, venture into experiences you have never had before and leave the daily grind behind you. Except that the time of preparations is also coming to an end. Don’t panic, here’s how to properly prepare for a long trip abroad in 6 steps!


When preparing for an extended adventure, it is suggested to create a well-thought-out itinerary that combines exploration and relaxation. It’s kind of like the expertly arranged Tanzania Safari Packages as they offer planned routes that optimize your time. This helps in ensuring you do not miss any of the captivating sights and experiences.By emulating their approach and dedicating time to detailed planning, you can cash in on your long journey,

Survival kit for administrative procedures to prepare for a long trip

That’s not the funniest part. But once set, it allows you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind. First of all, you must ensure that your papers are in order and valid for the duration of your trip. Check that your passport is up to date, or have one made in your prefecture if this is not the case. Learn more about the passport .

Also find out about visas and the conditions for obtaining them in each country you will visit. Learn more about visas


About 6 months before departure, start looking at airline ticket prices . And book as soon as you feel the bargain! If you plan to rent a car during your trip, get an international permit from your prefecture. It’s free, but may take a few days to process. So don’t do it at the last minute.

On the health side , do not ignore good travel insurance , to warn you in the event of an accident or treatment abroad. Ideally, take the time to do a little “check-up” of basic care before your departure (ophthalmologist, dentist, etc.), to start off on the right foot. Depending on the destination, you will also have to do or redo some of your vaccinations . This part should be checked with your general practitioner. Take advantage of the visit to have your usual medication prescribed for the duration of your trip.

Finally, it is better to leave with a clear mind on the banking side as well. Above all, tell your bank of your trip, so you don’t end up with a blocked credit card as soon as you arrive. At best, plan 2 credit cards, a Visa and a Mastercard, to ensure withdrawals worldwide. Also study the offers of online banks, offering withdrawals or payments in foreign currencies without too many commissions, a significant saving in the long term!

The adventurer’s trick

You can never be too careful when traveling. We therefore advise you to make a photocopy of the most important papers, such as the passport or your license, to leave a copy at home in the warmth, to travel with another copy in case of loss or theft. And put everything online in the Cloud, permanently accessible.

In the suitcase

Remember only two rules: simplicity & practicality. At first, you will have to decide between a suitcase and a backpack , both of which offer pros and cons in terms of weight, maneuverability and resistance. You choose !

Select your wardrobe based on preferred destinations, weather and activities. Only bring clothes that match and overlap, to avoid large bulky pieces: t-shirts, sweaters, vests, big scarf, rather than a huge coat. Choose only 2 to 3 pairs of comfortable shoes: walking shoes, flip flops and city tennis. As well as accessories that take up little space: K-way for the rain, microfiber towel for the toilet, etc.

Take along all the electronic devices that you will not be able to do without, and the corresponding chargers. Also, don’t forget to pack a few useful accessories, such as a universal adapter, filter water bottle, folding knife and padlock, to secure your valuables in the hostel.

The adventurer’s trick

Forget the notion of “just in case”. This is what fills 50% of our suitcases, and often turns out to be useless in the end. Apart from your identity papers and credit cards, nothing is irreplaceable Think light, your shoulders will thank you!

The budget to prepare for a long trip

Let’s tackle the sinews of war: money! When it comes to planning your budget for a long trip, 2 techniques are essential:

The first is to calculate by item of expenditure : flights, accommodation, transport, activities and food, for the essentials. Once the average cost of each position has been identified per day, all you have to do is multiply by the number of days. The advantage is that you will have a fairly precise idea of ​​what awaits you. The downside is that this technique quickly becomes complex and time-consuming on long trips to multiple destinations.

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